Anthro Thought, Anthropology

       Anthropological Thought

Anthro Thought Cover

Anthro Thought Chapter 1

Anthropology is about us- humans and our culture. Anthropological thought is at soul of this narrative. It provides us with the insights into how Anthropologists tried to decipher the riddles around our culture.

Approaching this discipline without scrupulous examination of thought is like trying to understand solar system without an idea about gravity. Branches of Anthropology are only the quests of various thinkers in trying to grasp humans in their entirety. To understand thought hence is to understand Anthropology in its fullness.

This book is an attempt to deeper that understanding.

From UPSC Civil services point of view, 10 schools of thought and 26 relevant Thinkers are discussed here.

If you are beginner to Anthropology, it sets you the stage for deeper appreciation of the discipline. If you are a veteran, the critique and comparative study offered could add a fresh dimension to your understanding.

Available at:

  3. Feynman IAS institute, Near Canara bank, Gandhi Nagar, Hyderabad. Ph:+91 81794 08590

Soon at:

  1. Vikas book store, Ashok Nagar, Hyderabad




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